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    Dog's server down? Alternative lobby info


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    Dog's server down? Alternative lobby info Empty Dog's server down? Alternative lobby info

    Post  Dred on Sat May 16, 2009 2:47 pm

    In case Dog's server has been disconnected, you can use GS_Proxy in your main sac folder to play on the GS server. For players who want an out-of-game chat system if Dog's server disconnects, you have a few options:

    1.) Sheep's chat Made by loneSheep, this is a simple chatroom where players can set up TCP/IP games on Sacpro or regular games in GS. You'll log on as a guest everytime, so change your name using the command /nick YourNameHere. Past conversations will be still be logged (up to a certain point) even when leaving and re-entering the chat.

    2.) If you have Gamespy Arcade, look here for instructions on how to get into a special Sac room with a new hosting feature!

    3.) You could use Gamespy Arcade to connect to the regular Sac room. When you click on the Sac logo you will be in the main lobby. Use the command !chat and click on the link to enter skirmish.

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    Dog's server down? Alternative lobby info Agathachristie3

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